EVA-GAN Audio Demo

The advent of Large Models marks a new era in machine learning, significantly outperforming smaller models by leveraging vast datasets to capture and synthesize complex patterns. Despite these advancements, the exploration into scaling, especially in the audio generation domain, remains limited, with previous efforts didn't extend into the high-fidelity (HiFi) 44.1kHz domain and suffering from both spectral discontinuities and blurriness in the high-frequency domain, alongside a lack of robustness against out-of-domain data. These limitations restrict the applicability of models to diverse use cases, including music and singing generation. Our work introduces Enhanced Various Audio Generation via Scalable Generative Adversarial Networks (EVA-GAN), yields significant improvements over previous SOTA in spectral/high-frequency reconstruction and robustness in out-of-domain data performance, enabling the generation of HiFi audios by employing an extensive dataset of 36,000 hours of 44.1kHz audio, a context-aware module, a Human-In-The-Loop artifact measurement toolkit, and expands the model to approximately 200 million parameters.

Here, we provide the samples used in our Similarity Mean Opinion Score (SMOS) tests, along with additional samples from various music and singing datasets, to demonstrate the versatility and robustness of our approach.

All samples are used for research purposes only. Do not distribute or use for commercial purposes.